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How to Order

How to OrderSimplex Solutions is an expert at designing and manufacturing complete sign packages.  We always consider where and how a sign will be mounted and provide everything that is required as a kit with easy to understand instructions. We can package and ship signs to any destination served by freight companies.  We can also supervise or complete the sign installation at your request.


  • Contact us by telephone, e-mail, fax, regular mail or visit our shop with your needs.
  • Provide us with your design if you have one and we will give you a firm proposal.
    Ask us for our design concept or collaborate with us on one, and we will give you a firm proposal.
  • You approve the proposal and
  • Send us a down payment. See Below
  • We will produce detailed drawings, if required, and begin construction.
  • If you want to see the actual sign blank laid out before production begins you are welcome to do so.


  • Every effort will be made to select wood and other materials appropriate for the item being made.  However, wood of the same species, and even from the same tree, will often have color and grain variations that occur naturally.  These cannot always be seen of predicted before machining.  Therefore, some variation is to be expected in finished wood products.  If products without variation are expected, it will have to be discussed before the order is placed and may require extra charges if it is determined possible to do.  Of course, material with cracks, splits, checks, extreme warping and severe color variations in stain grade products will not be used.
  • If a client requests Simplex Solutions LLC to ship their finished product, it will be sent freight collect, or a shipping and crating charge will be added to the invoice amount.
  • A 11/2% per month interest charge will be added to outstanding balances if payments are not made as agreed to on the order.
  • Michigan State Sales tax will be added to all invoice amounts unless the client is purchasing items for resale and has a current tax exempt card on file with us.
  • All custom work that is not firm price quoted at the time it is ordered will be priced at our hourly shop rate and materials markup rate at that time.
  • Inspect all deliveries carefully before accepting the product.  If there is freight damage, note same on delivery documents and file a claim with the freight company.  If picking product up, discuss any issues before signing and paying for the product.
  • Terms and conditions of sale may be changed, deleted or added to by Simplex Solutions LLC at any time.
  • All sales of custom work are final.


  1.  All custom work requires a 50% down payment after the design concept is accepted and a contract is signed by both parties.
  2. If the job is large, or will require more than 30 days to complete after Simplex Solutions receives the materials, a progress payment schedule for the next 30% will be established.
  3. When the final balance is owed depends on the these circumstances:

Completion of the installation if Simplex Solutions is installing the product
At the time the client receives the sign from us if the client is installing the product themselves and simply picking it up at our shop or we are delivering it locally.
Before the product will be transferred to the delivery company if Simplex Solutions is shipping the product to a client by a commercial delivery or freight company. An invoice for the balance due will be sent to the client and payment must be received by Simplex Solutions before shipping.


  1. We always use the best materials for each application and strive for the best craftsmanship in everything we do.  However, an occasional problem may show up in a finished sign.  We, of course, will take care of any defects in materials and/or labor for a period of six months from delivery. In the rare event of a problem, please contact us to determine the extent of the difficulty and what is to be done to correct it.
  2. After an order is placed, a complete drawing will be provided detailing the sign, it’s mounting and it’s specifications.  Once the design is approved and signed for, construction will begin.  Of course, in process inspection by the client is not only OK it is encouraged, but changes wanted after approval must be negotiated.
  3. Because of the nature of wood and all paints and stains, the following will VOID all warranties:
    A.  Exposing wood signs to sprinklers.  The constant wet/dry cycles cause the wood to continually expand and contract leading to warping, splitting and rapid finish failure.  The situation is especially bad if only one side of the sign is exposed to sprinklers.
    B.  Mounting a sign against a wall without an open space between them for air circulation.
    C.  Mounting a wood sign rigidly in a manner that does not allow it to expand and contract freely with humidity and temperature changes.
    D.  Not following Simplex Solutions design or recommendations for materials, use or installation. For example, pigments, stains or dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight and weathering.  This color will degrade more rapidly than other colorants, particularly if installed on a southern exposure, requiring more frequent refinishing must be expected.
  4. Simplex Solutions will package all products adequately for shipping to the client.   Inspect all products for damage before accepting delivery.  If any damage has occurred during shipping it must be noted on the delivery documents and the freight company notified.